The company was founded in 1997 by Ivan, Svetlozar and Petar Dragushevi - the first private seed house in Bulgaria.

Main activity:

•   Plant breeding, variety testing, variety maintenance and seed production of common winter wheat, triticale, barley and rye.

•   Plant breeding and seed production of peanuts.

Seed House Sadovo cultivates 10 000 decares in the lands of Cheshnegirovo and Bogdanitsa, about 5000 decares of cereals per year, and the remaining 5000 decares of sunflower and leguminous crops.

The plant breeding of cereals crops started under the leadership of Professor Ilia Stankov.

The creation and testing of candidate peanut varieties for many years is a major scientific task of Prof. Stanko Georgiev.

From 2013, the genetic improvement of grain cereals and their seed production is led by Assoc. Prof. Marina Marcheva.

The company works closely with research institutes and universities across the country.

Between 2008 and 2010, tree varieties of common winter wheat were established and entered in the Official variety list of Bulgaria - Lazur, Apollon and Zebetz. In 2012, Trakyika is also officially registered. The breeder of the varieties is professor Iliya Stankov. In 2019, a new common winter wheat variety Teres is officially registered in the Variety List of Bulgaria created by assoc. prof. Dr Marina Marcheva. Annually new wheat and triticale genotypes are tested in the structures of Executive Agency of Variety Testing Field Inspection and Seed Control.

For the creation and maintenance of varieties in the SHS, we have a trial field of about 80 decares, which sows over 15,000 segregating progenies over 2000 breeding lines and varieties.

Seed House Sadovo has a line for pre-cleaning, fine cleaning, calibration, gravity separation, seed treatment and packaging; a laboratory for determining the seed and technological quality of seeds and soil samples.

The production of cereal seed is about 2000 tons per year.

Every year SHS organizes Open Field Days of Wheat throughout the country. Varieties are presented under different environmental conditions and crop technologies. New technological solutions are offered to allow optimal varietal development and achievement of their genetic potential for yield and quality.

Seed House Sadovo has established a close cooperation with all Bulgarian and some foreign institutes, and with all the state services in agriculture. Every year we participate as a producer and exhibitor in the International Fair Agra in Plovdiv and the National fair for seed exchange in Dobrich. Our varieties of common winter wheat have been successful in grain production in various regions of Romania, and peanuts are sought after by farmers and the Italian market.

In 2006, the SHS was awarded the Seed Producer of the Year.