Large multifloret spikelets head
 Early maturity
 Excellent bread making qualities
 Very good tolerance to powdery mildew, leaf rust, fusarium and grain shattering

Main Characteristics

 Large awnless head with multifloret spikelets
 White spike with a red grain
 Early flowering
 Early maturity
 Excellent tolerance to:
- Low temperatures
- Drought
- Waterlodging and flooding
 Very good bread making qualities (W over 270)
 Good bushel weight (over 80)
 Suitable for cultivation in whole the country

LAZUR is a common winter wheat with high productive potential. It is an awnless variety, with long, multifloret spikelets head and high tolerance to the basic fungal diseases. Good lodging resistance and early maturity, before the summer heat. LAZUR reacts very well to intensive fertilization and develops well under different conditions throughout the whole country.