The best green forage variety - high capacity for green cutting, hay and seed productivity
 Extremely high winter resistance
 Early maturity - reaches a mowing maturity at the end of April - early May, allowing it to grow as a regular crop
 It can be grown on all types of soils, except for highly acidic, salted and swamps

Main Characteristics

 The plants reach a height of 90 to 150 cm, depending on climatic and soil conditions
 The pod contains 5 to 7 round and smooth seeds with gray-green color and violet dots
 The crude protein content in the green mass is about 17%, and in the seeds is about 27% of the dry matter
 There is a rapid growth and development early in the spring, which is why it is very suitable as a precedent crop
 Peas can be used for fodder mixtures along with triticale and oats
 It sensibly increases milk production in dairy farms where it is used