Economical variety
 High adaptability
 Flowers early
 High tolerance to powdery mildew; leaf rust; fusarium and grain shattering

Main Characteristics

 Awned head
 The spike-dense, long, white
 Grain-large, red
 Flowers early
 Ripens early
 Excellent baking qualities - protein content over 14, wet gluten over 33, W over 350
 Excellent tolerance to low temperatures, droughts and flooding
 Good bushel weight (over 80)
 Suitable for cultivation in whole the country

Zebrets is a common winter wheat with excellent baking qualities. It has an awned head, with tolerance to the basic fungal diseases and good resistance to lodging. It has a fast development pace and flowers/ripens early, before the summer heat. ZEBRETS is cultivated well throughout the whole coun¬try as it gives good and stable results even in different and difficult environments.